An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion.

Fire Alarm

Also called “Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems”. These Agents are governed by the NFPA Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems - NFPA 2001. The system typically consists of the agent, agent storage containers, agent release valves, fire detectors, fire detection system (wiring control panel, actuation signaling), agent delivery piping, and agent dispersion nozzles. Clean Agent Fire Suppression System Is a term to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to control and extinguish fires without human intervention.

ACC can provide all types of clean agents such as FM200, NAF S 125, NAF S 227 and the Argonite systems from the world’s leading manufacturers, Kidde Fire Protection UK and Safety Hi-Tech Italy. The design and installation of fire protection systems is one of the most important factors to be considered in any environment. ACC offers a number of fire fighting solutions and is a leading provider of clean agent fire suppression systems in Kuwait. These systems are also known as ‘Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems’ and consist of a combination of the clean agent, storage containers, release valves, fire detectors, dispersion nozzles, and more.

We offer a variety of clean agents such as FM200, NAF S 125, and Argonite systems from leading manufacturers. These systems do not involve the use of water which can be as damaging as a fire when it comes to electronics and electronic equipment. We draw our strength from our team of fire fighting experts with expertise that extends from engineering design and supply to the installation and commissioning of clean agent fire suppression systems in Kuwait. Our latest environmentally friendly fire suppression systems have been installed in a number of industries including M/s. Zain, a leading mobile and data services provider in the Middle East. Many of these systems are integrated with a fire alarm, release and monitoring system. Our experts are technically well qualified and experienced to handle these types of solutions while organizations can reap the benefit of being able to reduce their carbon footprint. Our technicians are available to address all the issues involved in the planning, installation or operation of the systems after the sale. ACC’s range of clean agent fire suppression systems in Kuwait are designed to extinguish fires quickly and effectively without leaving any residue unlike some other systems. They are ideal for use in data processing centers, military applications, cell towers, and high-tech medical establishments. In addition, these systems are electrically non-conductive and do not damage electronic equipment.

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Petroleum Coke Industries Company (PCIC) is one of the largest single Kiln Coke Calciner in the world with a capacity to produce 350,000 MT of Calcined Petroleum Coke. The PCIC’s new plant is constructed inside the Shuaiba port having a total area of 263,000 M² to facilitate logistical advantage and is used for export purpose.

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Clean Agent Fire Supression Systems

Also called “Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems”. Governed by the NFPA Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems

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ACC Offers complete package ofFirefighting equipments and Form Systems from the world prestigious Manufacturers...


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