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Agility - Kuwait

Project Name :Foam System
Project Overview : Engineering design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Foam System

Agility is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics with more than 25,000 employees having 550 offices located in 100 different countries.

Agility required a foam system at one of their warehouses in Mina Abdulla. This warehouse was protected by a closed head sprinkler system and due to various types of stored materials it was a must to change the system to cope with probable emerging hazards.

Agility’s Mina Abdullah storage facilities have various flammable products that are protected by water sprinkler systems alone. The water sprinkler system was capable of extinguishing the fire; however, this system was vulnerable to two additional problems such as;

water sprinkler system is not capable of quick extinguishment, the product containers can erupt and spill.     

It typically requires a great deal of water to extinguish a flammable liquid that is miscible in water.     

We suggested a balanced pressure proportioning Bladder Tank Foam System which is the most effective and efficient method of mixing foam concentrate with the water supply. This system is also the most applicable and code matching solution to convert the existing water sprinkler system into foam system which can facilitate in quick extinguishment and water reduction.

With this method, the foam concentrate is introduced into the sprinkler riser at a similar pressure as the water. The foam concentrate flows into the innovative ultra-wide proportioner, which is installed in the sprinkler riser. The proportioner meters the correct quantity of foam concentrate into the water as the water flows through the proportioner to the sprinkler heads.

This foam system solution has helped the client in minimizing the warehouse down time required during new installations, decreased the insurance cost of the warehouse and resulted in 100% fire protection coverage.

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